Father in the name of Jesus, I acknowledge my need for you.  I admit my dependency on you.  I know that I have failed you.  I come to you with an honest heart and confess my sins that are before you. Forgive me! I need knowledge of where you would have me to go, I need wisdom to do what you would have me to do, and I need courage to be what you have called me to be.  I will not doubt.  I will not quit.  I will not falter.  I will not let another day pass without realizing the greatness that is within me. I am blessed. I am healthy.  I am wise.  I am prosperous.  I am destined.  I am favored.  I am anointed. I am healthy. I am wealthy.  I am loved. I am the head and not the tail. I am bigger than any problem I face. I am greater than my strongest enemy. I am a child of God and that makes me special.   I am YOURS.